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Our core subscription gives surfers on-going access to mobility, strength, conditioning, swim and movement sessions across 3–6 week training blocks.

We aim to first build a training foundation, then progressively exposure you to more advanced training methods designed to improve your surfing.

Why Surfer Strength?

Surfers, our program will help you become stronger, fitter and more durable- allowing you to stay out and shred longer.

The Core Subscription is a training program by surfers for surfers – whether you’re looking to increase paddle strength, sharpen your turns or get air, the Core Subscription is everything you need to increase the physical components of surfing.

The training

Our program will help you target muscle groups specific for surfing, improve flexibility, and perfect balance.
Get ready for the Winter Swirl and take your surfing to the next level.

What our community says

Luke EganOne of Australia’s best ever surfers, surf coach
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An injury is a set back! But if you can take it on with a positive mind it’s guaranteed you’ll come out of it with confidence, knowledge and being more in tuned with your body.

Doesn’t matter your age or setbacks, if you want to get back to your best it takes hard work and as important, surround yourself with people with knowledge and willingness to achieve the outcome you want.

Thanks Surfer Strength/ Lean Performance for being like minded through the last 2 months.
Kalani BallChallenger series competition surfer
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Since starting at Surfer Strength/ Lean Performance I’m feeling stronger in the ocean and in the gym.

The surf specific programs are always progressing which allows us to get stronger and improve our skills in the gym and ultimately that translates into our performance in the surf.

Stoked to work with such a dedicated crew to helping us reach our goals.
Jordy TuranskyPro Junior/ WQS surfer
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The Surfer Strength program at Lean Performance has helped me realise the importance of training for surfing. The gym has allowed me to become stronger improving my power, endurance and overall surfing.

The Surf specific program allows us as surfers to bring our A game all year round, as well as being able to minimise our chance of injury.

Stoked to be apart of the program and work with such an awesome dedicated crew.

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About your trainers

Our goal at Surfer Strength is to provide surfers with the best physical preparation possible to support their surfing. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve your pop up, advanced surfer preparing for big waves or competition surfer chasing your dream we have the program for you!

We can’t wait to help you physically so you can have more fun doing what we all love to do – Surf!

Dean and Ryan

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